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What is an Ifa Divination?
First, you need to know what is Ifa.

Ifa Divination Process When You Contact Me

Ifa Divination

Understand that Ifa is the word of Olodumare (God) that provides tools within the Yoruba scientific and spiritual system that are used to educate, inform and enhance your life.

Click in Order on the Following Titles to Watch in their Entirety, Videos Relating to the Ifa Divination Process from Me and Our Clients:

1. This How We Do the Divination Process

2. Ifa Divination and Ebo Explained Live

3. Ebo Ceremony Live in Nigeria Part 1 - This is Done to Balance What Was Told in Your Divination

4. Ebo Ceremony Live in Nigeria Part 2 - This is Done to Balance What Was Told in Your Divination

5. What Happens After the Divination, Before the Ebo and During Ebo?

6. What Really Happens After Getting an Ebo (Prescription for a Divination) Completed?

Full Ifa or Yoruba Isese Spiritual Line of System Playlist

Review the additional resources below by clicking on the following titles below to get a general understanding of Ifa and the process:

Harvard University or

The University of Iowa or

Ifa Mathematics and Quantum Computer Video or

United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization or 

Iyanifa Rev. DeShannon Barnes-Bowens - Yoruba-Ifa wisdom tradition


How does this work with what you do as an Intuitive Business Strategist and Spiritual Life Coach?

I do not hide who I am or what I do. It is my job to educate, guide you through situations, and provide solutions to help you to excel in your endeavors that are either professional, personal, or both. That's what I am here to do. So if you are curious and are led to seek guidance in this form, I am willing to provide you the access.

Why am I doing this? In my desire to help others, I am hoping by providing access to reputable Babalawo(s) to those in the diaspora, that I am able to continue to fulfill one of my life's purposes.

I don't know if I believe in this?
You don't need to believe as this isn't about faith or belief. This is about having access to an opportunity to educate and inform you so you can make better choices and decisions in your life. This information will help ease, provide clarity; and be a solution for the guidance you seek.

Notice I said, "solution."

Does this work? Results will vary for those who do or do not follow the directives given.

Why is there a cost if this is to help people? The initial cost is to confirm serious participants. I don't think it is understood how serious it is for me to refer you. If you are willing to invest in yourself and receive life-changing guidance, then I know you are serious.

There is an additional cost to complete the required services as part of your divination. You may pay at your leisure for the required services, however, know that the amount quoted may change if not done immediately.

In case it is not immediately understood, this consultation along with any other consultation provided is completely confidential. You also agree that any phone numbers, emails or other information shared in relation to this service remains completely confidential. All follow-up communication with the Babalawo(s) will be done respectfully, through me unless otherwise directed.

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